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Report Netcomm in cooperation with Statista (Light Version)

Why e-commerce and physical retail coexist in Italy and will continue to do so

What happens when digital channels and tools blend into a retail market still anchored to brick-and-mortar stores? In short, the customer journey gets more complicated.
In Italy, e-commerce and digital shopping channels have increased in popularity in the past two years. The use of digital channels before an in-store purchase is made has become widespread which represents a significant shift for Italy, where usage rates of online retail channels have lagged compared to other European countries.

This report was developed by Netcomm (the Italian Digital Commerce Association) in cooperation with Statista. It draws insights from the entity’s surveys and maps the customer journey for different categories of products – fashion and lifestyle, beauty and personal care, health and pharmaceuticals, and food. The last chapter is dedicated to the leading e-retailers – online pure players and multichannel retailers (see glossary for definitions) – that performed particularly well in terms of sales revenue.